TAWFF Internship

We are now building on this model in a new way, through our internship program. Our first intern, Mallory Kenny, a senior at California Lutheran University, is advancing mental health messaging through social media and student clubs. In the fall of 2018 she is coordinating a Friendship Festival on campus, early in the school year. The idea is to bring students together for a fun musical event that also educates and inspires students and staff about building mental wellness, being aware of their own, and others’ mental health, and knowing how to obtain help before something  turns into a crisis.

We are learning with Mallory, and hope to replicate this model to other college campuses to promote mental well being, edifying relationships, while educating about mental illness, and suicide prevention. Proceeds from events will fund innovative programs that promote the recovery of young people to full well being after an episode of severe mental illness.