Dr. Karen Wade

Karen Beck Wade, PhD, RN-BC

Dr. Karen Wade is an organizational psychologist and mental health professional with over 30 years of experience in roles spanning direct patient care, program design and outcomes evaluation, project management, and leadership development/talent management. Following the death by suicide of her son, Andrew, in 2011, Dr. Wade re-focused her career toward understanding and strengthening mental health systems of care. She reinstated her nursing credentials (after a 20-year hiatus) and began working as a travel nurse in places where the seriously mentally ill find themselves: homeless, incarcerated, or hospitalized. She now holds national certification in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. She is Co-Founder of The Andrew Wade Friendship Foundation, whose mission is “creating a kinder and safer world for young people with mental illness.” She is the founder and moderator of the LinkedIn group “Early Intervention for Serious Mental Illness: Expanding Access and Best Practices”. Her website, drkarenwade.com, is a new platform for providing psychoeducational and support services, virtually, to those involved in caring for young people with a mental illness. Her clinical and research interests include the use of positive psychology concepts in psychiatric care and nature-based therapies in restoring wellness and wholeness. Karen lives in Ventura, CA and enjoys the local beach culture and the natural world through hiking, biking, whale-watching, and learning about the history and eco-system of the Channel Islands National Marine Park. Most of all she loves being involved in the lives of her two grandchildren. She can be reached at karen@tawff.org